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Master Craftsmen Gary & Ann Malone

In 1972, Gary Malone began pursuing his passion for pottery inspired by his study of Far Eastern Art History at Oberlin College, Ohio. Gary continued perfecting his throwing skills working as the interpretive potter at Old Sturbridge Village. He later studied high-fired stoneware and porcelain at Peters Valley Craft Center in New Jersey. In 1976 Gary realized his dream clay studio, Sturbridge Pottery. Gary met his wife Ann at a craft show on the Sturbridge common in 1979. Ann is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She presently works in her studio painting, slab building, and making Raku creations.

The Malone's work at perfecting their glazes and forms in Stoneware, Porcelain, and Raku. Each piece is hand thrown at the potter's wheel or hand built. The clay creations are then dried and bisque fired to 1800 degrees for twelve hours. The pots are then carefully glazed with signature glazes developed through years of trial and error. The glaze firing takes thirty hours to reach the white-hot temperature of 2400 degrees. Slow cooling of the kiln takes 36 hopeful hours. Opening the kiln is like Christmas morning; every piece is a surprise and special gift.

Sturbridge Pottery is collected throughout the United States and Europe. It is a unique blend of form and surface developed by the Malone's through years of dedication to their craft. The Malone's are currently sharing their love of pottery with their two children Adam and Leanna.

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